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Cultural Skills Program

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Cultural Skills Program, it's a fun, educational program designed to encourage active participation in traditional and contemporary Norwegian pursuits. With 14 areas of study to choose from, ranging from Rosemaling to chip carving to folk dancing, there's definitely something for everyone. In each of the 14 categories, there are three different levels that can be attained. Also, there are four different tracks participants can follow:

  • Specialist: One who wishes to go in depth in one area, e.g. Hardanger embroidery or genealogy, etc.
  • Generalist: One who samples several skills and qualify for the basic level in each, for example: stamp collecting, crafts, and Norwegian foods.
  • Mentor: One who is skilled in activities offered in the Norwegian Cultural Skills Program can do a different challenge: mentor others who need formal or informal instruction. The mentor is an extremely important person in passing on the Norwegian heritage to others.
  • Master of Cultural Skills: One who has completed at least three levels of three different skills, or nine individual basic activities. It's a great program that can be done alone, or easily adapted into a group activity.
If you'd like to learn more about the Sons of Norway Cultural Skills Program,
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Cultural Skills Medals Currently Available

  1. Traditional Norwegian Cooking
    Level 1--Your Favorites
    Level 2--Baked Goods and Desserts
    Level 3--Meat or Fish Dishes
  2. Reading Norwegian and Norwegian-American Authors
    Level 1--Your Favorites
    Level 2--Fiction
    Level 3--Nonfiction
  3. Collecting Norwegian and North American Stamps
    Level 1--Collect General Norwegian & North American Stamps
    Level 2--Specialize Your Stamp Collection
    Level 3--Complete a Collection of a Ten-Year Period
  4. Norwegian Rosemaling
    Level 1--Basic Strokes, Flower Form, and Scroll
    Level 2--Completed Design
    Level 3--Create an Original Design
  5. Genealogy--Family History
    Level 1--Complete people 1­7 on a four-generation ancestor chart, etc.
    Level 2--Complete four more people on the ancestor, family group chart, and document
    Level 3--Complete all information for 15 people on the charts--document and write an essay
  6. Hand Knitting
    Level 1--The Basics
    Level 2--Knit with Two Colors
    Level 3--Create a Two or Multicolored Sweater (Based on Norwegian Designs)
  7. Norwegian Language and Culture
    Level 1--The Basics of Norwegian Language
    Level 2--A Sampling of Norwegian Culture
    Level 3--A Topic from Norwegian Language or Norwegian Culture
  8. Hardanger Embroidery
    Level 1--The Basics
    Level 2--Complete a Larger Item
    Level 3--Using Your Skills in Creative Ways
  9. Figure Carving
    Level 1--The Basics
    Level 2--Complete a Detailed Carving
    Level 3--Complete an Original Carving
  10. Weaving
    Track I
    Level 1--The Basics-Make a Sampler
    Level 2--Inkle or Card Weaving or Rigid Heddle--Complete a Project
    Level 3--Create an Original Design
    Track II (Floor or Table Loom Weaving)
    Level 1--Produce a Sampler
    Level 2--Make a Finished Project
    Level 3--Create an Original Design
  11. Ornamental Woodcarving
    Level 1--The Basics
    Level 2--Flatskurd
    Level 3--Carve the Acanthus
  12. Chip Carving
    Level 1--The Basics
    Level 2--Carve Borders
    Level 3--Carve Rosettes
  13. Folk Dancing
    Level 1--Easy Dances
    Level 2--Intermediate Dances
    Level 3--Advanced Dances
  14. Music and Musicians of Norway
    Level 1--Folk Music: Roots of Norwegian Music
    Level 2--The Nineteenth Century: Edvard Grieg & Contemporaries
    Level 3--The Twentieth Century: Composers, Performers, Conductors

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